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Educational toys make learning fun and children with an interest in science will especially enjoy toys with that specific focus. Science and discovery toys often involve trying out science experiments, learning about the earth and natural world and discovering things through archaeological digs and other explorations..

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Toy Review:

Build a car that runs on water and sunlight! With a completely redesigned body, re-written manual, and new display stand, the Fuel Cell Car kit is better than ever! This 10th anniversary edition features 30 hands-on experiments that help kids understand electrolysis, solar cells, and fuel cells. The kit uses parts that are similar to those included in the original edition. Kids will build and operate a unique reversible hydrogen fuel cell, powered by water and sunlight, while learning about "green" energy. A 64-page manual guides kids through each of the experiments. This kit is a great introduction to one of the most significant technologies of the early 21st century!

If, as many are predicting, the future lies in green energy, this is a wonderful way for kids to start exploring, learning and building. The hefty price means that it's not for everyone. However, this is a well-developed kit that inspires both creative play and real-world learning.

Thames & Kosmos

Alternative Energy & Environmental Science

Age Recommendation:
10 and up


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